Tilly Finds Her Courage!

"Tilly transformed, literally overnight from being frightened and hiding out to cuddling and hanging out!"

Recently I was asked by a client in Tasmania to do some work with her foster kittens.  There were thirteen in all and the one that she was most concerned about was Tilly.  Tilly had been with her for more than five weeks and was still terrified of everything and everyone in the household.

Unlike most other modalities, a Reiki session can be given to multiple animals simultaneously, so I did the energy work for the entire household, including Amanda's two dogs as well.

Everyone was calmer after the session, but it had a profound impact on Tilly.  Her fear had declined substantially and she was beginning to settle in nicely.  I did another session several days later and Amanda reported to me that, for the first time, Tilly allowed herself to be petted and actually climbed up and slept on Amanda's lap!

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