Here's what my clients have said about my work with them and their furry friends.

Animal Healing Testimonials

Saroj & Meera

"We adopted a second dog about six weeks ago. Our Poochon was depressed and jealous. She stopped playing and smiling. My last straw came when she peed in my bed. I was at my wit's end, and then a friend recommended Cindie Ambar of Heartsong Animal Healing. Cindie came to our house and did a healing on our pup. She is playful and happy again and there is no more peeing all over the house!  My husband, the sceptic, was impressed."

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Juli & Bronx

"Cindie Ambar is very gifted in her connection with animals.  My dog is a rescue and before his work with Cindie, he was high strung, anxious and a worry-wart.  Cindie practiced several Reiki sessions on him and ever since, he has been much more calm and grounded.  She practices many types of energetic healing modalities on various types of animals with great results.  I highly recommend her work to anyone looking to soothe their pets and help resolve some of their problematic behaviors.  Cindie has transformed our dog's way of being in the world, which has very positively impacted my entire family and everyone who interacts with him."




Meredith & Matilde

"Cindie did a miraculous job healing my newly adopted cat.  After the session, my cat was noticeably calmer, more affectionate, and literally groomed herself for a long time (as though she was getting rid of old memories and feeling good about herself).  Cindie also gave me helpful suggestions for communicating better with my cat, which I am using quite successfully.  I wish I had known about Cindie’s skills years ago because she could have dramatically changed the rescue dog we adopted.  Her skills are terrific and animals are obviously very comfortable with her.  She is truly gifted.


Healing for Humans Testimonials

"It has truly been a blessing in my life to have found Cindie.  She has helped me go beyond myself and to recognize, identify, and release many deeply worn patterns of the story of me.  I cannot express my gratitude for the work that she does in simple words as it has been a truly beautiful experience working with her and words are so limiting.  The field of energy that enters and assists in every session I have had with her has been loving and full.  Cindie is a strong conduit of energy as she opens herself up in humility and love, and so the work can be done. 

Cindie also has worked with my five year old son, and the changes in him have been so dramatic it is almost jaw dropping. He was struggling with some issues that we just could not get to on our own, but with the help of Cindie, the issue arose and the transformation was then allowed.  My little guy is now finding strength within as well as able to face challenges with his own sense of courage. 


Thank you Cindie for all that you have helped me and my family with."



Mountain View, CA  

"Cindie's energy clearing video cleared a writers block I’d been having for weeks maybe months and has helped me start to shift perspective in a way I really needed to."



Santa Cruz, CA  

"I have had the greatest fortune in being able to work with Cindie for my horse Sophie and my dog Lulu, as well as for myself. Cindie’s profound healing work has transformed each one of us and has given us the opportunity to reach new levels of growth and deep healing, to more fully embody our essences. 


In working with Cindie, I have experienced the broad range of her healing abilities as she used multiple modalities tailored to each session. Cindie’s expertise has allowed my animals and I to release old outmoded patterns and to embrace new healthy, supportive ways of being in our bodies and in the world.


I am tremendously honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Cindie and to learn from her. Cindie’s wisdom, compassion and courage has touched our lives in ways too numerous to count. "




Classes and Workshops Testimonials

"Big thanks to Cindie Ambar for a beautiful Bonding with Animals class today at the amazing Pregnant Mare Rescue Sanctuary in Watsonville. We learned about how to approach and help all animals, especially rescue animals. We did wonderful, bonding and heart healing exercises with the horses. It was great to see old friends Rose and Whiskey, and meet some beautiful new friends (including the humans).


Thanks, Cindie, for a great day! My heart is full."


 Cathy O’Brien                         

Hearts and Paws Animal Healing

"I’m a volunteer at Pregnant Mare Rescue, and to see this workshop first hand was amazing. Cindie Ambar, you have such a gift of teaching and emotionally connecting with the horses. Thank you."



Watsonville, CA  

"Hey wanted to tell you that your class was an overwhelming success! Everyone absolutely loved it! I have to be able to attend the next class!!!"


Lynn Hummer, Founder/CEO            

The Pregnant Mare Rescue Foundation


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