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Local Holistic Veterinarians

Mount Madonna Veterinary-  Absolutely awesome local vets!  A husband and wife team who do joint assessments and collaborate for joint recommendations.  Their services include Western Medicine and outpatient surgery, Acupuncture, Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Vaccine Titers, Canine Reproduction, and Dental Cleaning.  They are amazing animal/human advocates and will teach you to do some work on your own animals!  Can’t speak highly enough of them.

Lynda Wells, DVM-  While I have never worked with Lynda directly, she comes highly recommended by fellow animal practitioners and friends alike!


Animal Communication Professionals

Note:  Distance is not a barrier for animal communication.  These folks communicate with your animal telepathically.

Nedda Wittels-   Nedda is my animal communication instructor and I have been beyond impressed with her skills!  She is amazing and is also a wonderful teacher of animal communication, if you are interested.


Raven Stevens-  I have worked with Raven for more than 10 years, both as a client and in collaboration with her while we both were providing pro-bono services for Pregnant Mare Rescue.  She is awesome!


Dog Trainers

Carpe Diem Dogs-  Ashley McClung is an amazing dog trainer, one that gets results.  She is an expert at finding what motivates your dog and working from a positive reinforcement perspective (and I am not talking treats here!).  She has been successful with dogs that have worked with other trainers, without making much progress. We have collaborated on a number of dogs and I have learned so much from her.  She is learning Reiki and will be able to offer that to her dogs as well. One of the things I love about her is that she is always enhancing her skills.  I also love the way that she empowers the dog’s people to work successfully with their dogs.  She is trained as a forester and also excels at supporting you in taking the new behaviors successfully out into the community, as well as at home.  She teaches outdoor courses for dogs and has been a featured speaker at REI for the last two years.


Local Animal Care Organizations

Debbie’s Dog Care-   This is my sister’s business and I could not recommend her more highly.  She is a total dog magnet and animal lover.  She and I used to visit the animal shelter weekly as kids and make plans to break the animals out and buy a farm.  She cares for dogs in her own home and only takes one or two at a time.  She has an incredibly sweet Golden Doodle who all the dogs love and get along famously with.  She is meticulous and dedicated when she takes an animal on.  They get an amazing amount of love and attention showered on them!  Her clients are always thrilled to see her and sometimes don’t want to leave!  Day and overnight care provided.


Bonafide Dog Care  Ashley Scontrianos is a wonderful person, great with dogs and her home is nicely set up to accomodate multiple animals.  A big yard as well!


Resources for Animals in Need

BirchBark   Birchbark Foundation partners with veterinarians to help save pets’ lives during medical emergencies when their owners are unable to fully afford the necessary critical care. Birchbark provides animal owners who qualify with financial assistance, grief and loss support and education.


Local Animal Rescue Organizations

Pregnant Mare Rescue-  I have volunteered at PMR for more than 10 years and know first-hand that they are a top-notch sanctuary.  They specialize in mares and foals, but also take 30 year old geldings, etc. if there is a need.  Trauma informed care and so much love and respect for all the beings they rescue.  Lynn Hummer also focuses on animal advocacy and is part of a  major effort to save Mustangs from the destruction of their lands and capture by the Bureau of Land Management.

Red’s Equines in Need (REINS)-  Another amazing sanctuary that I have had the privilege of volunteering at for close to five years.  REINS has become a bit of a misnomer in the respect that they rescue exotic and farm animals of all kinds.  These kind people spend a great deal of their own money taking on animals in need, whom they treat with such kindness.  They literally have dozens of animals at this point and they keep stepping up to help out.


Peace of Mind Dog Rescue-  This organization supports senior and other difficult to place animals.  They are wonderful!

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter-  I have volunteered at this shelter off and on over the years and they are wonderful.  They have an amazing trauma informed approach to the animals in their care, have caring, compassionate, well-trained staff.  They also have a fabulous volunteer program.  Their volunteers are incredibly well trained and supported.  When I first started volunteering, I was afraid that I would feel sad being at the shelter and the exact opposite occurred.  I left each time uplifted and joyful that I had made a difference in their lives.  Please consider volunteering!


Santa Cruz County SPCA-  I have not worked with our local SPCA much, but have taught classes at their summer school and was really impressed with the education they were providing the kids and the way they instilled such respect for animals of all kinds.   They do have a good reputation and have heard quite a few positive things from others about them.

Native Animal Rescue-a Santa Cruz County non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife:

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