Rally Makes a Friend!

"So grateful to have made this connection, and definitely recommend Cindie's services."

Rally, a street dog from Taiwan, was adopted by an amazing family, but it was unclear if she would be able to stay.  The family adored her and was more than willing to work with her reactivity and fear; however, Rally began to show some aggressive behavior with their young daughter and risking her safety was not an option.

I did several Reiki sessions with Rally to calm her and release the trauma she’d experienced on the streets. She became less reactive and more at peace.  Because aggression always comes from fear, I looked at the belief systems that had resulted from her experience and began to release them. 

As she began to trust me more, she showed me that she had been teased frequently by children.  She was food deprived and some of the teasing involved the pretense that she was going to be fed, then the food was withdrawn.  I released belief systems around children in general and, in particular, worked with her belief systems as they involved their daughter.

Today, Rally is a happy, healthy member of her family.  She and this awesome young woman have become the best of friends and play together every day!

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