Core Expansion is a gentle, yet powerful healing modality that supports you in releasing blocks and limitations and to connect with the energy of what you'd like more of in your life.  This modality works equally well with humans and their animal companions.  This recording includes the six foundational core expansion energies and is meant to be listened to a number of times.  There is nothing to do other than listen to the energies-the energy is encoded in the recording whether I am speaking of not.


These six energies include:


  1. Core Love
  2. Core Peace
  3. Core Harmony
  4. Core Discernment
  5. Core Compassion
  6. Core Forgiveness


These energies form a foundation upon which other energies are laid when conducting the first Core Expansion session, but are powerful in and of themselves.   Love is the most powerful healing force on the planet, peace and harmony are essential to optimal functioning, the energy of discernment is critical when making choices/discerning truth, the energy of compassion releases both ourselves and others from judgement and the energy of forgiveness is an amazing energy that liberates you from the emotions of hurt, anger and blame, which are toxic and keep you stuck.  


These energies are designed to be repeated and each time will be integrated more deeply.   A minimum of three times is recommended, ideally two weeks apart.  These energies may also be useful when a person or situation triggers you or your animal companion.

Core Expansion-Six Foundational Energies

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