Meditating with your Animal Companions

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Meditation is not only good for us, but our animal companions love it. A friend once told me that when she learned Transcendental Meditation, she was warned to close her doors because all the animals in the house would want to come in!  When we are up in our heads, worrying about the past or future, it can make our animals anxious and concerned.  They long for a quiet mind. My cat Pookie was the first one to teach me this.  She told the animal communicator in our first session that I thought way too much (and it clearly got on her nerves).  There was a certain look she gave me when I was up in my head and it became my signal to get grounded. Meditating with your animals will not only bring them peace of mind, but will improve your connection/enhance bonding. The essence of meditation is being present.  The present is not only a much calmer, happier  place for us reside in, but is where our true power and creativity are accessible.  It is possible to meditate while you are on a walk or otherwise engaged, because meditation is a state of mind.  I suggest that you build your meditation muscles first, before attempting a moving meditation. It took me years to be able to meditate.  The shift came when I was taught that you need to be grounded to be in a meditative space.  Grounding involves connecting with your body, the earth, etc.  A simple way to become grounded is to send roots down like a big, tall tree, five miles down and five miles out.  Putting your hand on the crown of your head is a quick and easy way, as is putting your bare feet in the soil.  Essentially, anything that involves focusing on your senses (what you can see, hear, taste, smell,  feel) will get you back in your body. There is no need for any special breathing techniques, although those can be quite helpful.  You don't need to "clear your mind" or eliminate all thoughts- just don't t engage and get in a loop with them.  The best advice I was ever given was to let your thoughts go by, like passing clouds.  When you first begin, having a focus like a mantra or a breathing technique can help your mind be more clear.  Feelings can come up and there is no need to eliminate them or focus on them. Simply allow the feeling to be present. There is no required amount of time for meditation to be helpful-if five minutes is all you have, then meditate for five minutes. Ideally, at least 20 minutes will work best. I will be posting a monthly meditation video on my Heartsong Animal Healing Facebook site the first Monday of every month  and leaving it up for the duration of the month.  I would be honored if you would join me.  Your animals will thank you for it!


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