Meera Gets Her Mojo Back!

Meera was a very happy, energetic dog until her people adopted a puppy, Dylan.  Things changed drastically after the adoption.  Meera became very depressed and listless and was peeing and pooping all over her house, including her people's bed!

I visited Meera and her new puppy housemate.  I did a Reiki session for the two of them and their person, Saroj, reported to me that they slept for nine hours straight after the session.  After a couple of days I checked in with Saroj to see how things were going.  I received the following email response:

​Hi Cindie,

Thank you for your email. Meera is doing great!  She got her mojo back 😊 She is happy and playful again. 

Thank you so much.


Additionally, that day was the end of the indoor soiling!  It is not typical that a single session solves an issue such as this one, but it worked for Meera and we all were thrilled!

Several months after Meera's work, I received this lovely video testimonial from Saroj.

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