Lucy is Rejuvenated!

"Lucy regained her health and and quality of life after Cindie's sessions.  If you have a senior animal, she can help!"

Lucy was my sister's cat and one of my first clients!  She was almost 14 years old when I began to work with her.  Her paws were bleeding, she had lost most of the color in her beautiful fur and she was thin and tired.  The first session I did was in person and the rest were distance healing, so I did not have an opportunity to see directly how she was doing for a few weeks.  In conversations with my sister, she stated she did not see any change in Lucy.  I felt discouraged, but was not about to give up.  I loved that cat and she had been in our family for a very long time.

After several weeks I went over my sister's to spend some time with her.  Lucy was laying down in the driveway and looked amazing!  All of the color was back in her fur, her paws had stopped bleeding, she had gained weight and was clearly much more energetic and happy.  She lived for a few more years afterwards.  Lucy, the pistol was back!

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