Lady Learns to Trust!

"Lady is a completely different horse after working with Cindie. The transformation was incredible!"

The following story illustrates the power of Reiki to bring healing and create change over a short period of time, as well as the importance of giving an animal choice and control over their situation.

I first met Lady in December of 2011. She had been described as "explosive", bolting at every attempt at human contact. Lady and her mother, Snowflakes, had been cared for in a foster pasture several miles away from Pregnant Mare Rescue for the preceding six months. They had been rescued at a feedlot, literally on their way to slaughter.

On my first visit to see Snowflakes and Lady, Lady was very curious about me. I could feel her wanting to connect, but she stopped herself each time she crept more than a few feet in my direction. I intentionally had placed myself about ten feet away and just held a loving space, giving her the option to come to me if and when she was ready. There were no obvious signs she was connecting with the Reiki energy, but I felt the energy more strongly as she drew nearer and trusted the healing was beginning.

On my second visit, both Lady and Snowflakes approached me and nickered as I opened the gate. Lady stayed close to me the entire time, sniffing my face and body for long intervals, nibbling at and licking my hands, but ran if I made the slightest movement in her direction. Snowflakes, who had been hesitant the first visit, moved closed to me, dropped her head and was deep in the Reiki energy.

This same pattern continued for the third and fourth visit, each time with Lady more at peace and less likely to take off running when there was movement on my part. At this point, I was able to touch her very lightly.

The day of the fifth visit, a major transition took place. I had been with the horses for almost twenty minutes when Lady started to close her eyes. This meant that I had established a great deal of trust with her, that she felt safe enough to let down her guard. She continued with eyes closed for few moments, starting to drop into sleep.

She paused and let out a couple of little groans. I observed some very, very, deep breathing as well as a period in which she was breathing very shallowly and quickly, as if she was processing, moving something through. I had a vision of energy releasing around her heart. She slept (standing up) for about half hour, would open her eyes, stretch and close them and go back to sleep.


After this visit, she opened up and I was able to touch and connect with her more. Snowflakes let down her guard the next visit and let me get really close. I felt a deep heart connection.

Two months later, when I was working with Lady and Snowflakes at Pregnant Mare Rescue, the unexpected happened. Lady approached me, placed her chest close to my chest and her head on my shoulder. We stood there together in a loving space for a very long time.

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