Happier, Healthier Pets

My Mission

With extensive training and more than 11 years of experience, I provide energy healing work for animals of all kinds, especially those who have suffered from trauma.


I believe that animals are sacred, sentient beings who take on the emotions and issues of their people and deserve and benefit greatly from receiving healing for themselves.  I provide energy healing services to help animals heal; physically, emotionally, spiritually and behaviorally; to support them in their life’s mission of healing their people and the planet.

My services are also offered to humans to help them release blocks and limitations, step into their power, claim the life they deserve and desire, and ultimately improve the lives of their animals as well.  Our animals thrive when we do.

The Power of Energy Healing for Animals

Animals, like humans, have belief systems and emotional challenges and always pick up on the stresses of their people. It is a well established scientific fact that disease (including physical illnesses), disorders and distress begin when energy becomes “stuck” in the emotional body. Freeing the energy allows the being to heal and thrive again.  This works equally well for animals as it does for humans.  For this reason, I offer my services to both.

 I have worked with animals of all kinds, both wild and domestic.  I have special expertise in working with shelter and sanctuary animals and animals in general who have been traumatized.  I work with animals in their own homes and also do distance energy healing with animals as far away as Singapore.  I am certified in more then 10 healing modalities and am continuing to learn and grow.

Because every animal is unique, I provide a free 15-20 minute introductory telephone consultation to ensure that the methods I use are appropriate for your animal at this time in their life.  We discuss what your goals and needs are and how I might approach working with you and your furbaby.  If I believe another practitioner or another type of work would be a better fit for you, I will refer you to someone I know and trust.  It is my goal for you and your animal to have what you need to achieve the most effective and efficient healing possible for your unique situation.

What to Expect

Just like with a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist, while a single session can be very helpful, it often takes a series of sessions to address a major issue.  A single session will provide deep relaxation and significant relief.  I do have some clients who schedule a single session with me to give their animal a "spa day", or to relax them for specific events, such as a vet visit or travel.  Others may schedule sessions when they are out of town to provide peace and relaxation for their animal while they are away.

 After your initial consultation, I will provide my recommendations for session frequency and duration.  Some clients choose to have weekly sessions, some twice a week, some once a month, and so on.  The frequency I will recommend depends on the amount of trauma the animal has suffered and how receptive the animal is to the methods I use.  Typically, more frequent sessions are beneficial when treatment begins, and then they can become less frequent as the animal shows signs of improvement.

How to Set Up a Session

I prefer to use "low-tech" methods of scheduling.  Please call me at 831-332-8464 or email me at cambar@sbcglobal.net!

Getting Started

About Me


Who I Am

I am a lifelong animal lover and advocate.  As I child, my sister and I would visit the animal shelter regularly, talk to them, love them and make plans to break them all out and buy a farm. These were my plans for my future.


My path changed and I pursued a lifelong dream of becoming a nurse, only to find that nursing was not for me.  I dropped out of the program before my second round of clinical practice.  I was lost and confused for close to a year.

I went back to school, got a Bachelor's, then a Master's degree and administered Public Health and Social Services programs for many years. Then, an accident changed the course of my life......

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