Meet Cindie

"I believe that animals are here on this planet and in our lives to do great work.  It is my joy and passion to offer healing to animals of all kinds and to help them and their human companions thrive and reach their highest potential in this life."

 - Cindie

My Path to Healing 


In 2009, following a concussion I was struggling to recover from, I had my first experience with energy healing, which not only brought me back to full functioning but changed the course of my life.  After several months, I was still experiencing severe symptoms and unable to return to work full-time.  I was terrified that I would never be normal again.  A friend referred me to a "ThetaHealer" and I experienced a remarkable improvement.  She saw the healing potential in me and trained me in my first modality.

In 2016, it was another healing crisis that resulted in me leaving a high-paying, Silicon Valley job and focusing full-time on my work with animals.

Why Animals?


When I learned energy work could be performed with animals,  I was ecstatic.  When I first became trained, my dream was to return to the Shelter and work with the dogs and cats.  I learned that the Shelter was not yet ready for energy work and a friend suggested I volunteer at Pregnant Mare Rescue in Watsonville, California, just a few miles away from my home.  My intention was to volunteer until opportunities at the Shelter opened up.


On my first visit, I experienced an opening of my heart so profound that it brought tears to my eyes, then overwhelming joy.  The following day it was all I could do to force myself to go into work.  The energy was so powerful, I felt like a very strong magnet was pulling me back to the rescue.  I saw images of a horse named Dually all day long and felt him wanting to connect with me.


My Experience


I have worked with animals of all kinds, exotic and domestic and still do.  My Reiki Master's training was at the CARE Foundation in Apopka, Florida where I had the opportunity to work with Tigers, Bears, Mountain Lions, Panthers, Foxes, etc.  I am not an experienced horse person, but have a deep soul connection and bond with those of equine persuasion.  I have worked extensively with horses and other animals who have been traumatized, volunteering for ten years at Pregnant Mare Rescue and bringing healing to other shelters and sanctuaries, including REINS in Hollister, California.


I have worked with animals who have been unable to be touched or to connect with humans.  I was recently asked to attend a Mustang adoption event to bring peace and healing to the horses during that challenging time.

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Cindie with Flute and Goats REINS March

My Certifications

I am trained in and currently hold the following certifications:

  • Animal/Human Reiki Master

  • Sacred Activation Mastering the Master's Level

  • Sacred Activations for Pets

  • Sacred Activations for Children

  • Core Expansion

  • Accelerated Light Healing

  • Sacred Attunements

  • Theta Healing, Advanced

  • Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection

  • Arcturian Light Healing

Please note, I am not formally trained in Sound Healing; however, I have intuitively learned how to channel sound for healing.  I am also an untrained, but natural Shaman and have had powerful healing outcomes with this work.


The Magical World of Working with Animals / Animals as Healers

Animals have the capacity to connect on a deep heart level.  Each session brings me tremendous joy. It is a partnership between myself and the animal in which they guide me with their own internal wisdom, send love and appreciation and sometimes perform healing in return.  I have walked away from a number of sessions and noticed that the abdominal pain I'd had for a few weeks, or emotional discomfort I'd been dealing with has abated.  Animals often nuzzle my hands and I feel grief lifting away.  


All animals are healers and horses in particular are being used to heal veteran's from PTSD, adults of depression and perform miracles with children with autism or developmental disorders.  I am privileged to serve them and my best results come when I release control of the healing session, work with them where they are at, let go of expectations and follow their lead.

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